Three Zones for the Researcher's Home Office, Inspiration (Updated)

With a global pandemic, you might think about a permanent home office setup for research/PhD writing and work. I love minimalist design and I was inspired by this video on lockdown productivity to think about zoning my home office into a creative zone, a writing zone, and an admin zone.

Let's go through my inspiration board with ideas for three home office zoning:

Writing Zone

My favourite area. I only write articles from the couch, so why not have a dedicated writing spot. Importantly, this zone is for creative writing, not editing, since editing can require several documents open at the same time.

Creative Zone

This zone is a big blank canvas unto which you can put your thoughts. It needs a large desk, perhaps in connection with your office desk in the admin zone. It also needs brainstorming tools such as post-it notes and white boards. Furthermore, it is the designated collaboration zone.

Admin zone

The admin zone has the desk and office chair. This is the Getting Things Done zone for project management, answering emails etc. All the stuff that requires several windows open at the same time on your screen. Importantly, if the office desk is also used for gaming or watching videos, it needs distinguishing features, such as changing lighting depending on use — see below.

Total Room Ideas

All three zones needs to integrate in some fashion. I’ve recently begun using Philips Hue smart lights that can change color. It might be possible to somehow set up these bulbs so that lights change depending on what your zone and your acitivity. In this way, lights could turn purple to indicate gaming instead of working. The goal is to keep zones clearly differentiated.

Malte Lebahn-Hadidi

Malte Lebahn-Hadidi